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A Note of Praise Forwarded by another NYC Tour Operator for a Manhattan Architectural Tour

Posted: May 22, 2017 | 1:54 PM
by Jared Goldstein
"We just got some fantastic feedback about you and I thought you’d like to see; check it out!

'walking tour- Jared was awesome... so knowledgeable and flexible to adjust the tour to our needs... he called me on arrival to suggest some changes and also tell us that he would prefer to do the tour all on foot... since there was an inner city bike race that day and had the entire center core of the city shut off so the bus would not be able to get in... so we did the whole tour on foot and it was fantastic... best walking tour I have ever had in New York he even managed to get us into several buildings to talk about the interiors as well. I would request him again if we ever take a group back again'"

This ended up as a New York City Midtown Manhattan architectural tour for a college trip for Professors and students.  NYC traffic conditions are dynamic, but I have resources to avoid some parades, protests, and festivals that can get us stuck in traffic. 
I am glad the group was flexible about doing a walking tour in five nearby neighborhoods instead of sitting in a coach bus in traffic for hours.  The original plan was to go to several neighborhoods, several miles away.


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