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July 6th: a virtual New York City History Walking Tour

Posted: Jul 6, 2013 | 12:18 PM

1921:  Nancy Reagan born in Queens.

1954:  NY Yankee and baseball Manager Willie Randolph born.

1971:  Trumpeter Louie Armstrong died in his sleep at his home in Corona, Queens.  The Louis Armstrong home is now a museum.

1999:  During a heatwave a blackout in upper Manhattan left thousands in blackout.

2003:  In a New York Times Op-Ed, American hero and former ambassador Joseph Wilson stated that George W. Bush's rationale for Operation Iraqi Libertion (OIL) was based on a lie, that the administration knew that Iraq did not have nuclear capability despite stating so.

The administration reacted treasonously and vindictively, blowing Wilson's CIA wife's cover.  She was the counter WMD expert investigating germ warfare capability proliferation, which was the other Bush administration rationale for the invasion, the false connection between Iraq and the domestically based Anthrax attacks, which came from the US Army and is still mysterious. 

The leak that blew Plame's cover led to Plamegate to investigate who blew Plame's cover.  This led to an obstruction of justice standoff that played out years later.  Who blew her cover is unprosecuted.  Who lied about the rationale for war with Iraq is unprosecuted.

2005:  New York Times WMD reporter Judith Miller was jailed for refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating the outing of an undercover CIA operative, Valerie Plame.  She refused to reveal her source, Scooter Libby of the Bush Administration.  She eventually relented after her friend, Scooter, told her to.


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