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October 25th in New York City History

Posted: Oct 25, 2012 | 12:01 AM

1760:  Britain's King George III succeeded his late grandfather, George II
.  King George the Worst?

1888:  The Giants win their first World Series against the AA Browns 11-3 in St. Louis in 8 games (out of ten).

1890:  Floyd Bennett
who flew over the North Pole first in 1926 was born.  Floyd Bennet Field was New York City's first municipal airport.  He died in 1928

1910:  Barney Oldfield defeats boxer Jack Johnson in a Brooklyn auto race in front of thousands and a film crew.  There is a lot more to this story than these two sentences; click here.

1921:  Bat Masterson dies in New York City at 67.  Here is another unbelievable life.  He was a Buffalo Hunter, Wild West gunslinger, gambler, US Marshall of Dodge City, inspiration for Sky Masterson from Damon Runyon's Guys and Dolls, boxing referee, sports writer, army scout, and sports editor of the Morning Telegraph, where he died at his desk.

1929:  Mayor Jimmy Walker broke ground for the Triborough Bridge, which would open seven years later.

1947:  Columbia beats Army 21-20 at Baker Field, ending the Cadets' 32 game winning streak.  The Lions finished the season 7-2, ranked 20th nationwide.

1957:  The Executioner is executed.  Murder Inc.'s master assassin, Umberto Albert Anastasia, shot in the back five times while he got his hair cut at the Sheraton Hotel's barber shop.  The eleven witnesses were unable to describe the fleeing killers.

1971:  The United Nations General Assembly admitted mainland Communist China and expelled Taiwan.

1976:  Claire Ruth, Babe's widow, dies at 76.

1981:  Alberto Salazar wins the New York City Marathon again, setting the world record at 2:08:13.  Alison Roe breaks the course's women's record at 2:25:27.  Impressive records, considering how long they stood and how difficult it is to run a record pace in New York City's punishing race.  ABC was the first to broadcast this race nationally, which helped re-establish running as a major American sport.


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