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April 6th in NYC History

Posted: Apr 5, 2013 | 11:37 PM

1712:  NYC's first Slave Revolt: Nine whites were killed, then six slaves were killed by British soldiers quelling the uprising.  

1789: The US Senate achieved its first quorum and elected its officers; Electoral College ballots were counted, and

George Washington was unanimously elected President of the United States

We visit where this happened, at Federal Hall, on Downtown tours, George Washington's New York City Tour, Santa Claus the NYC Tour, and my New York City Birth of a Nation Tour.

1845:  A group of German immigrants met in a second floor loft on the Lower East Side to form NYC's first reform Jewish congregation. The influx and success of German Jewish immigrants enabled the congregation's growth and moves uptown.  Today the congregation is housed in

the Upper East Side's Temple Emanu-el – the largest synagogue in the world.

We go by

Temple Emanu-el on Upper East Side tours, and my MSO tours, aka Manhattan Step On tours or Manhattan Sights Orientation tours, as well as Jewish New York City tours, aka Jewish NYC tours.

1892:  Donald W. Douglas, Sr., founder of Douglas aircraft, born in Brooklyn in modest middle class circumstances.  Douglas' manufacturing occurred outside of NYC.

1975: Zach Braff, actor, born in NJ.

1992:  Prolific author, most known for science fiction, and Columbia grad, Isaac Asimov died at 72.

We visit Columbia University on Columbia tours, aka Columbia University tours, as well as Uptown tours.

1998:  The Dow Jones industrial average closed above 9,000 points for the first time.  Irrational exuberance?  The Dot Com boom:  I was there. Exciting, fun, stupid, brilliant, far-out: I see some parallels in the tourism industry with a few industry players and wannabes.  I've learned to trust my gut and to say no.


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