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April 10th in New York City History

Posted: Apr 9, 2013 | 11:17 PM

1810:  Benjamin H. Day the New York Sun's founder born.  He died in 1889.

We see the New York Sun's old headquarters on Newspaper Row on Santa Claus tours, aka Santa's NYC Tour, aka Santa the New York City Tour, aka Santa the NYC Tour, as well as NYC architecture tours, Downtown tours, Municipal District tours, and Brooklyn Bridge tours.

The Sun: It Shines for All.

1836:  T
he birth of the sensational American tabloid news story: Richard Robinson, a wealthy 'john' of prostitute Helen Jewett, hacked her to death in her bed after she threatened to tell his fiancee about their trysts.  He was charged with murder.  Robinson was later acquitted because "No man should hang for the murder of a whore."

1841:  The New York Daily Tribune premiered with Horace Greeley as its first editor.  In that era, being editor of a New York paper made you a nationally influential figure, sometimes a politician.

1847:  Perhaps New York City's most famous Hungarian immigrant, Joseph Pulitzer who published the number one newspaper in the world, The World, which was in the world's tallest building, which helped invent investigative reporting, was born.  Joseph Pulitzer led the campaign for immigrants to pay for the construction of the 'Statue of Liberty' in New York Harbor, including commissioning the famous poem, "The New Colossus," by Emma Lazarus:  "I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

We pay tribute to Joseph Pulitzer on Statue of Liberty tours, and on New York Harbor tours.  We see Newspaper Row on Santa Claus tours, aka Santa's NYC Tour, aka Santa the New York City Tour, aka Santa the NYC Tour, as well as Downtown tours, architecture tours, and World Trade Center tours.

1866:  The ASPCA was incorporated to save New York City's work horses from being beaten to death in the streets, and to save all animals from cruelty.  New York State chartered the organization to enforce the state's pioneering humane laws.

We see the ASPCA horse fountains on Central Park tours.  We see the ASPCA Fountain on Upper West Side tours and Riverside Park tours.

1880:  Frances Perkins, the first woman cabinet member (1933-45) as the Secretary of Labor, started her career in the wake of the Triangle Manufacturing Disaster of 1911.  She said the New Deal Reforms that she introduced and emplaced were born twenty years earlier from the blood on the streets outside the factory.  She died in 1965.

We see the Triangle Shirtwaist Manufacturing Company on Greenwich Village tours, NYU tours aka New York University Tours, East Village Tours, Immigration tours, and Lower East Side tours.  

See also March 4th.

See also December 30th.

See also March 25th 1911.

1913:  The Titanic embarked on its journey from Southampton UK to France, then Ireland on its way to New York City.  Five days later it will sink, killing hundreds of passengers.

We see the Pier at which the Titanic was supposed to dock on Highline tours, M.S.O. tours a,ka Manhattan Step On tours, aka Manhattan Sites Orientation tours.

We see the Lighthouse that was supposed to greet the Titanic on Seaport tours aka South Street Seaport tours.

1925:  F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" was published.

We see where Fitzgerald and Hemingway's publisher was on Midtown tours, Fifth Avenue tours, Rockefeller Center tours, MSO tours, Manhattan Step-on Guide tours, and Manhattan sights orientation tours.

1947:  Brooklyn Dodgers Manager

Branch Rickey signed Jackie Robinson to play in Major League Baseball, integrating the white league with a talented, pleasant, but tough player.
I wonder about those crackers who threw insults and garbage at him.  Do they remember doing it?  Do they feel regret?  Pride?  How do they feel about baseball today?  Did they switch to other sports?  Have they learned anything?

1960:  Rapper Afrika Bambaataa born in the Bronx.


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