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March 11th in New York City History

Posted: Mar 11, 2013 | 12:46 AM
by Jared Goldstein

The Great Blizzard 1888 dumped over twenty inches of snow in three days.

It is the reason that NYC put its myriad webs of wires under the streets, which usually works out, but didn't in the wake of 2012's Super Storm Sandy.

2002:  The Tribute in Light, twin beams commemorating the World Trade Center and its community, premiered.  They are a project of the Municipal Art Society and Creative Time.  

Due to its impact on the environment, they are lit around the eve of 9/11 for a few nights annually.  
You can support it.

1961:  The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announce the development of the World Trade Center and its record breaking Twin Towers.  Eminent domain and demolition took five years and then ground was broken.

1957:  The Quiz Show Scandal:  Columbia professor Charles Van Doren's fourteen week streak on NBC's "21" concluded. Subsequently he admitted in Congressional testimony that the show was fixed.  

This was the basis of the 1994 film "Quiz Show."  And you think so-called Reality Shows are real?!


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