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September 23rd in #NYC #History #Sports   A 'stereotypical' last day at a great stadium and a Soap, a 1st Day nearby in Lincoln Center.

Posted: Sep 23, 2012 | 11:49 PM
1626:  Peter Minuit is appointed Director General (CEO and/or Governor) of New Amsterdam.  He had recently acquired Manahatta from the local natives for $24 worth of tools and shells.  There is more to that story that I tell on my Downtown and Colonial Tours.

1838:  Victoria Woodhull, who ran for United States president in 1872, 47 years before women could vote, was born.  She had a fascinating life involving being an incredibly wealthy investor, advisor, publisher, and pro-sex feminist.

1889:  Walter Lippmann the newspaper columnist, intellectual, and author who popularized the terms "Cold War" and "stereotype" was born in NYC.  He died here in 1974.

1948:  Edward Bayard Moss, founder and Editor of the Associated Press Sports Department, dies at 74.

1959:  Jason Alexander, "George" from "Seinfeld" born.  New York Code: When you see an actor like Jason around town, you don't greet them as "George."  You would greet him as "Jason" and say "I like your work."

1962:  Avery Fisher Philharmonic Hall, opens Lincoln Center.

1973:  NY Football Giants play their final game at Yankee Stadium where they had been since 1956.  They tied at 23 with the Philadelphia Eagles.  They finished their season at the Yale Bowl.  Before Yankee Stadium they were at the Polo Grounds for 31 years.

1987:  Choreographer and director Bob Fosse dies at age 60.

2011:  Soap opera "All My Children" broadcasts its final episode on ABC after 41 years.  ABC's Soap Opera Stages are on 66th Street between Columbus and Central Park West.  Sometimes you see good looking people in their own worlds talking to themselves, learning their lines for that day's show.  They were written the night before.


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