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Sept 24th in NYC's HistorySome beginnings and endings, including one made of felt, moxie, and googly eyes.

Posted: Sep 24, 2012 | 12:48 PM
by Jared Goldstein

1625:  Johan de Witt the Dutch statesman and political leader of Holland (1653-72) was born.  He presided during the end of Nieuw Amsterdam. 
But that was not to be the last that New-York City and the British would here from the House of Orange...

1869:  "Black Friday" was precipitated by financiers Jay Gould and James Fisk's attempts to corner the gold market.  Thousands' of fortunes lost on Wall Street as investors panicked.

1896:  F. Scott Fitzgerald born.  He died too soon in 1940.

1921:  Jim McKay, Emmy Award winning Sportscaster on CBS and ABC for decades, born.

1936:  Jim Henson, father of the Muppets, born.

1948:  NYPD Blue Actor Gordon Clapp born.

1957:  The Brooklyn Dodgers play their last Brooklyn home game at Ebbets Field; they beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 2-0.  'Dem Brooklyn Bums' were shipped to LA in a championship era.

1968:  "60 Minutes" premiers on CBS I've watched it all my life, along with Sesame Street at the beginning, on a different channel.

1972:  Joe Namath passes for 496 yards over 15:28 completions leading to six touchdowns, enabling the Jets to beat the Colts 44-34.  Rich Caster caught three of those touchdown passes.  Baltimore must hate Joe Namath.


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