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May 11th in NYC History

Posted: May 14, 2013 | 12:09 AM
by Jared Goldstein

1647...Peter Stuyvesant becomes governor of New Amsterdam – and the colony's last Dutch leader. He surrenders to the British 17 years later

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1858Minnesota became the 32nd state.  It started in NYC in 1789 at Federal Hall, which we see on private tours of Wall Street, financial district walking tours, and George Washington's New York City tours.
[ Northwest Ordinance picture ]

Irving Berlin 5/11/1888 - 9/22/1989
Russian-born American composer for stage and screen musicals

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??  1894, Martha Graham, the American dancer and choreographer who was a pioneer of modern dance, was born. Following her death on April 1, 1991,  ??

1949Israel was admitted to the United Nations.
United Nations on 42nd Street tours.

1977...A federal judge overturns the ban on Concorde flights to Kennedy Airport, over the objections of Queens residents who had protested against the jet's supersonic roar.

1997The Deep Blue IBM computer defeated Garry Kasparov to win a six-game chess match between man and machine in New York.


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