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April 16th in NYC History

Posted: Apr 15, 2013 | 9:23 PM

1674:  Great Street, longer known by the Native-American as Weekagwesgek hunting trail, leading north from the bottom tip of Manhattan, was renamed Broadway.

1947:  Bernard M. Baruch New York based financier, presidential confidant, and economic policymaker coined the term "cold war" when he addressed the South Carolina statehouse, "We are today in the midst of a cold war."  This super-power standoff lasted, for the most part, through 1989.

1948:  Mayor O'Dwyer doubled the subway fare, a nickel since 1904, to a dime.

1962:  Walter Cronkite became the anchorman of "The CBS Evening News" for the next 19 years.

1962:  Bob Dylan debuted "Blowin' in the Wind" at Gerde's Folk City in Greenwich Village on 11 West 4th Street.

We see several Bob Dylan sights and sites on Greenwich Village tours and my

Bob Dylan the NYC Tour aka Bob Dylan tour.

1947:  Harlem's Kareem Abdul-Jabbar born as Lew Alcindor.  He scored over 38,000 points in the NBA, the record.  In high school he had a 97-2 record.

We see Harlem on Harlem tours.  We see "The Rucker" the famous basketball court where seven hundred fellow college hoop stars were developed on my NYC Basketball Tour.  We see the Renaissance Ballroom, home of the Harlem Rens that Jabbar profiled in a documentary on my Harlem tours.

1954:  Actress Ellen Barkin born in the Bronx, also raised in Queens.

1965:  Actor Jon Cryer ("Two and a Half Men") born.

1966:  The original Metropolitan Opera house

bows out from it's home on Broadway and 39th Street
, soon moving to Lincoln Center.  The Met was founded by New York's new gilded age wealth who felt snubbed by the Academy of Music, but

the house was plagued with problems from the start.


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