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April 12th in New York City History

Posted: Apr 12, 2013 | 3:23 AM

1842:  Mutual of New York (MoNY) was chartered to sell life insurance.  The firm, co-founded by John Pintard, established many modern standards and practices. 

We learn about John Pintard on Santa Claus the NYC Tour, aka Santa Claus tour, aka Santa's NYC tour.

1878:  "Boss" Tweed, the graft politician synonymous with corruption and machine politics, died in the Ludlow Street Jail.

We see where Tweed's jail was on Lower East Side tours.  We also explore Tweed's legacy on Santa Claus' NYC Tour, aka the Santa Claus tour, aka Santa's NYC Tour.

1947:  Late Show host David Letterman's birthday.

We see Letterman's show headquarters, the Ed Sullivan Theater, on Theater District tours, Broadway tours, Midtown tours, and on John Lennon's NYC tour, aka John Lennon the NYC Tour.


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