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Found a 2007 reviews of my World Trade Center (9/11 Ground Zero) Walking Tour

Posted: Mar 21, 2015 | 2:49 PM
by Jared Goldstein
While searching for Jared your NYC Tour Guide on the web, I was pleased to find this review of my World Trade Center tour that I did for a walking tour company.  They might be from 2006:

"I wanted to give you some feedback on one of your tour guides - Jared.  My family took the tour of the World Trade Center site on April 14.  Jared did a wonderful job.  He had a lot of knowledge of what had happened, what was currently happening and what was planned to happen at and around the site.  The tour was very comprehensive.  We traveled at a good pace and got to see a lot of the southern portion of Manhattan.  He also gave us some great tips about other things to do and see in New York.  We really enjoyed our time with Jared.  I would definitely recommend him to others who are touring the city. Thank you. KM
I am so sorry is has taken so long to send this e-mail.  I am sending this to you about Jared our tour guide that we had on April 14th!  He gave the 6 of us one of the best tours I have ever experienced.  Jared was so full of information and answered every question that we asked.  We even had 2 children in our group and he was very patient with them.  He is a definite keeper.  Jared went above and beyond for our tour!! We still talk about going over the bridge on the subway.  Jared thank you so much and I hope your books are coming along!!! Thank you so much. LM, Oldsmar FL


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