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Nov 24th in NYC History: Dutch keep free trade, NRA, 700 pooches seek tree in Bk, Modern Art, St John's 43 pt hoops margin, Guys&Dolls

Posted: Nov 24, 2012 | 11:41 AM
by Jared Goldstein
1664: Dutch (former Nieuw Amsterdam) officials promise
James Duke of York loyalty to the British, prosperity, and revenues if they can keep the city's free trade going

This happened on Mill Lane in today's Financial District.

New New-York keeps its free trade for about 100 years. 

This is unlike the rest of the colonies which have trade restricted to London.  The other colonies must go through NYC if they want to trade internationally.  T
his causes resentment. 

Later British will impose unprecedented restrictions on NYC's trade on New York's trade.  This will convert many loyalists and fence-sitters to  join the Revolution.

1674:  Two Flushing, Queens men are reprimanded for working on Thanksgiving Day and for using disrespectful language before a judge

1859:  Cass Gilbert, the Minnesota architect of some of NYC's greatest buildings, born.  He died in 1934. 

His works include the Woolworth Building, tallest in the world from 1913-1930.  His portrait is in its hall showing off that a 'starchitect' designed it.  If we are in a small group, I can get you into the lobby, which has restricted access
, on a Downtown Tour

Gilbert also designed the Customs House on Bowling Green, and some in between those two buildings - both in size and location - is 90 West Street. 

He designed several other significant edifices around New York City.  Let's go on a Cass Gilbert architecture tour!

1871:  The National Rifle Association (NRA) was founded to promote marksmanship of National Guard Members' and marksmanship competition.

1897:  Metropolitan Kennel Club has its new and improved Dog Show with 700 pooches, 130 classes, and 6 rings for four days in Brooklyn
's old 13th Regiment Armory at Hanson Place and Flatbush Ave.

1897:  Lucky Luciano born in Italy.

1905:  Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Steichen found the 291 (Fifth Ave) Gallery, America's first modern art venue, premiering Picasso, Cezanne, Matise, Rodin, Weber, Mardsen Hartley, Dove, and John Marin.  Artists from this gallery are part of my picture gallery
Alfred Stieglitz at 291 by Steichen.

1920:  Percy Sutton politician and media mogul (Apollo Theater) born.  To be developed.

1940:  Paul Tagliabue, the National Football League's fourth Commissioner, born

1950:  Guys and Dolls, the great New York based musical with colorful charming gamblers and the missionaries who cared about them opened on Broadway at the 46th Street Theater.  The show is based on Tales by Damon Runyon.* 

My father, a Sinatra fan, was eulogized as a 'Damon Runyonesque' character.

1951:  Audrey Hepburn stars in Gigi at the Fulton Theatre in New York City.

1990:  St. John's University scores 43 points over Central Connecticut State 135-92

*More about Guys & Dolls from a terrific Broadway Theater Tour Guide that I know.  I didn't get his permission specifically to post this, so if you want a Broadway Tour with him, contact me.

"GUYS  AND DOLLS must hold some sort of record for the most songs that made it into cabaret acts and radio broadcasts as stand-alone numbers. Yet, a fair number of great ones were actually cut from the movie.

And why was poor Sinatra saddled with the role of Nathan Detroit (traditionally played by a heavy-set comic actor) when he was BORN to play Sky Masterson?"

Paintings and artists from the Gallery 291 era:

Georgia O'Keefe

John Marin's St Paul's Chapel  1914

Marsden Hartley

Picasso  1912

More about NYC's Nov 24ths:


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