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May 24th:  a walking tour through New York City's History

Posted: May 23, 2013 | 11:30 PM

1883:  The Brooklyn Bridge, the Eighth Wonder of the World, linking the 'twin cities' of Brooklyn and New York (Manhattan), was opened to traffic and celebrated by thousands

There is a lot I can say here, about a two-hours Brooklyn Bridge walking tour's worth.

1626:  Dutch Purchase Manhattan.

1630:  The beginning of a great medical heritage: Harem Van De Bogaert arrived in New Amsterdam as the colony's first surgeon.

We explore our colonial heritage on Nieuw Amsterdam walking tours, New Amsterdam private walking tours, Colonial NYC tours, Downtown walking tours, and Financial District walking tours.

1870:  Benjamin Cardozo, Supreme Court justice from 1932-8, born. 
He was from an old prominent New York City Jewish Family.

His relatives are associated with Chinatown tours, Downtown tours, Jewish New York tours, and Upper West Side walking tours.

1941:  Bob Dylan, Rock singer, songwriter, and writer, born.

I cover some Bob Dylan history in Greenwich Village walking tours, as well as in my developing Bob Dylan tour.

1974:  Harlem's elegant yet danceable Jazz maestro "Duke" Ellington died in New York at 75.  Sir Duke wrote more than 6,000 musical pieces.
I liken the stately rhythmic art deco of 42nd Street and Rockefeller Center to Duke Ellington on

Rockefeller Center private walking tours

and 42nd Street walking tours.

We cover Duke Ellington's neighborhood on Harlem private tours.

1983:  Millions celebrated the Brooklyn Bridge Centennial.

1994:  Four men convicted of bombing New York's World Trade Center in 1993 were each sentenced to 240 years in prison
.  I love that they were not given the death penalty, which would have made them martyrs in the eyes of some hatefuls.

I have several World Trade Center walking tours.


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