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July 7th: a Virtual NYC Walking Tour through History

Posted: Jul 7, 2013 | 9:56 PM
by Jared Goldstein
1754:  King's College founded in Trinity Church.  The school will shutter between 1776 and 1787 when alumni revive it with a more patriotic name, Columbia.  The Loyalist faculty fled to Nova Scotia where they teach at King's College.

1860:  Abraham Cahan, Editor of the Jewish Daily Forward (1903-51), the influential Yiddish newspaper, born in RussiaThe Forward, now in English, is still published.  Here is an article they wrote about me.

We visit Cahan's Forward Building on Jewish Lower East Side tours.

1871:  Boss Tweed offered the New York Times a $5 million bribe not to cover City Hall's corruption.  In his rejection, the Publisher George Janes said, "I don't think that the devil will ever bid higher for me than that."

We cover Boss Tweed on these NYC Tours:  Santa the NYC Tour, Lower East Side tours, and Downtown tours.

1887:  "The quintessential modern Jewish Artist" Marc Chagall born in Belorussia, became French, but was a refugee in New York City 1941-1948 where he read Yiddish newspapers in the Lower East Side and mixed in the emigre modern art scene.  He died 3/28/1985.

Let's go on a Jewish Lower East Side Tour.

1899:  George Cukor film director, and pride of DeWitt Clinton High School, born in Manhattan.  He died 1/24/1983.

1946:  Mother Cabrini of Manhattan was canonized, the first American saint

We see some of her works in Greenwich Village tours and my Catholic New York Tour.


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