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September 21st in NYC History - A BIG Day:

Posted: Sep 20, 2012 | 10:25 PM
The Great Fire of 1776 destroys about a quarter of NYC.  Officially, the cause of the fire is a mystery, but 10 miles away when George Washington saw the smoke, he smiled.  NYC's resources were being denied to the occupying British Army.

1895: At history's 1st International Amateur Track and Field event, the NY and Manhattan Athletic Clubs battled the London AC.  The Americans set the world record in the 220 yard run, the 880 run, the high jump, and the mile.  An American tied the 100 yard dash record.

1897:  An 8 year old girl teased for believing in Santa writes to the New York Sun for guidance.  The normally dour editor, in a front page editorial intoned: "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" .... "the most real things in the world are those which neither children nor men can see..."  If you think Christmas hype starts early these days, consider that this is over three months before Christmas.  All newspapers of the era promoted Santa Claus, especially the ones in department stores. 
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1938:  A hurricane slams New York and New England, killing more than 600 lives and devastating property.

1948:  Milton Berle premiers as the permanent host of NBC's Texaco Star Theater.

1950:  NYC's Bill Murray, Actor and Saturday Night Live Comedian, born.

1966:  NY Rangers' Hockey Goalie Great Mike Richter born.

1970:  Monday Night Football premiers.  The Jets lose to Cleveland.

1980:  At Shea Stadium, the Jets' Richard Todd sets the NFL record with 42 passes for 447 yards and 3 touchdowns, yet they lost to San Francisco!

1989:  Tony Sparando, the severely visually impaired bowler who won four championships over a successful 20 year career in the mid twentieth century, died at 83 in Rego Park.


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