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Jan 14th in NYC History

Posted: Jan 13, 2013 | 2:22 AM
by Jared Goldstein
1895:  5,000 Brooklyn trolley workers strike shutting down 200 miles of tracks and 900 cars.  When management attempted to reopen a riot ensued.  Labor-friendly police do little to quell the unrest, so the governor called in the state troopers to restore order.  The strike lasted two weeks.

1915:  Gameshow Producer Mark Goodson (Goodson & Todman Productions) born
.  His career took off in NYC in radio then television from the late 1940s through the late 1960s when his company moved to California.  His innovations include pitting celebrities against each other, buzzers, and returning champions.

Here are some of his biggest hits:  Winner Take All, What's My Line?  I've got a Secret, To Tell the Truth, The Price is Right, Concentration, Password, Beat the Clock, Family Feud, and Match Game.

It seems that these gameshows were a precursor to so-called Reality TV, which just uses higher production values.

1919:  60 Minutes Television columnist and cranky curmudgeon Andy Rooney would have celebrated his birthday today had he not died at 92.

1952:  NBC's "Today" show premiered with Barbara Walters

We see the studio and sometimes the show itself on tours of Rockefeller Center.

1957:  New York native Humphrey Bogart died of cancer at age 57.

1964:  Shepard Smith, Broadcast journalist "The Fox Report" born.

1966:  Fifth Avenue went one-way southbound while Madison Avenue went one-way northbound

1968:  Queens rapper, clothing designer, and actor L.L. Cool J born.

1970:  Composer and Maestro Conductor Leonard Bernstein hosted a meeting at his home, "That Dinner at Lenny's," to raise funds for the legal defense of the Black Panther Party.  Tom Wolfe's droll coverage of the event and its media flap popularized the term "radical chic," but not 'limousine liberal.'

1993:  Late-night TV talk show host David Letterman announced he was moving from NBC to CBS.

2000:  Late Show host David Letterman underwent quintuple-bypass surgery at 52
He recuperated and returned to work 6 weeks later.

2001:  The Giants won the NFC Championship against Minnesota 41-0, paving the way to their third Superbowl, which they lost to Baltimore 34-7.  On today's glorious date, Giants quarterback Kerry Collins passed for 381 yards and five touchdowns. 


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