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January 21st in NYC

Posted: Jan 22, 2013 | 2:24 PM
by Jared Goldstein

1784:  The state legislature meets for the first time at City Hall on Wall Street. New York City remains the state capital until 1796, when Albany is chosen as the new site.

1920:  Pilot Charles Lindbergh sets a new record for the fastest cross-country flight when he lands in New York after 14.75 hours.

1950:  A federal jury in New York City found former State Department official Alger Hiss guilty of perjury.

We see the Federal Court on our Municipal District Tour, the Downtown Black History Tour, the Five Points Tour, and Brooklyn Bridge tours.

1951:  New York City and Columbia's Eric Holder, Attorney General during the Obama Administration, born.

1985:  Don DeLillo, author, who was born in NYC, and living here again, wins the American Book Award for White Noise

The story resonated with me during my evacuation from Super Storm Sandy.

1990:  John McEnroe disqualified from the Australian Open for misconduct.

We see McEnroe's apartment building on Upper West Side Tours.


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