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November 22nd in New York City's History:  Revolution, stars born, police oversight, Supersonic Jet lands, Goose landed, and 2 tragedies.

Posted: Nov 22, 2012 | 12:45 AM
1774: "Committee of Sixty" organized to enforce the revolutionary Continental Congress' ban on British imports, exports, and product consumption.

1880: Lillian Russell, acclaimed early 20th Actress debuts in NYC at Tony Pastor's 14th St Theater.

Lillian Russell. 

Does anyone know where I can buy outfits like this for my beloved?

1936: Met's President Fred Wilpon born.  He took over in 1980.

1943: Billie Jean King, top ranked US Tennis Star, Humanitarian, and feminist born.

1950: Collision kills 79 and injures hundreds on LIRR (Long Island Railroad) in Richmond Hills, Queens on Thanksgiving Eve. The LIRR is the nation's busiest commuter rail road, and this is its worst accident.  In 2012 on the eve of Thanksgiving, the LIRR's switch was out for hours.

L.I.R.R. crash

1963: NYC joins most of the world mourning for JFK with public and private enterprises closing.

1966: NYPD Civilian Review Board created, monitoring complaints against the Police. The purpose was to increase public confidence in the police.  Shortly after, only Police will be on the Board, undermining public confidence in it until civilians join it again in 1993.

1977: Baseball Pitcher great Rich "Goose" Gossage signed with Yankees for 6 years at $2.75 million.  The subsequent season, he is on the mound as the Yanks win the American League East, the Pennant, and the 1978 World Series.

Goose Gossage

Concorde in flight with straight nose.

1977: The Concorde Supersonic Jet arrives at JFK, 3.5 hours after leaving London.  Normal jets take about eight hours.  The $800 tickets were 20% higher than typical first class seats
on subsonic jets at 44% the time. 

Concorde landing with bent nose, so pilots can see.

As a kid in middle school, the Concord frequently flew over during the play time outside before they let us in.  Every day I saw the Concorde was a good day, just as every day I do a tour is a good day.

The Concorde was retired around 2000. 

There is one you can visit at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. 

Concorde interior.

The inside looks like the SpacePlane from 2001: A Space Odyssey, which was conceived and developed, coincidentally, in parallel with the Concord through the mid 1960s.

2001's SpacePlane Stewardess

My two dreams from the late 1970s that will never be fulfilled: Flying in the Concord and meeting Andy Warhol.

1995: 6 year old Elisa Izquierdo was killed by her mother to remove evil spirits, prompting NYC to reform its Child Welfare administration.

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