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I've been blogged! Metaphors of Meaning Made an Impact

Posted: Jul 16, 2012 | 2:18 PM
One of my Tour Guests has a compelling blog based on my tour of the Lower East Side as well as his own experiences there, his research, and museum tours. 

I am gratified that Adrian had such a meaningful experience on my Jewish Lower East Side Tour.

My approach to some of my adults' tours is on Metaphors of Meaning that really impacted Adrian's experience. 

Metaphors of Meaning are themes that I develop that are mostly unique to the tours that I do.  They are big-picture, elegant concepts that make sense if you enjoy creative, imaginative, choreographed figurative, syncretic, surprising ideas. 

(If what I just said makes no sense whatsoever, then I offer much more fact-based and timeline-based tours that are comparable to those offered by me and hundreds of other guides, which is completely valid!  If you have never heard the stories of a place before, then that is enough context.  'Take a look at that; this is why it means something and how it fits into history.'  New York City is overwhelming, so my tours are story-based based because that is how we all connect.)

When booking me, or during my tours, please let me know if you would like the tour to be  literal (history, facts, stories) or if you want it to include Meaningful Metaphors in addition to standard tour fare.  This addition ties the facts into concepts that could well be the basis of graduate-level theses (at least in my dreams).

Back to Metaphors of Meaning.  Adrian covers one of my unique themes:  "Juan Epstein: Puerto Ricans and how they are keeping NYC culture alive!"

His blog has beautiful photographs, wonderful background, and compelling detailed research.


This tour http://www.newyorktalksandwalks.com/tours_jewish.html#3 was booked through my client "Dr. Phil" and you can request me to do this tour for you.


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