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Testimonial about my John Lennon NYC Tour

Posted: Jan 24, 2013 | 4:03 PM
by Jared Goldstein

" We loved your tour! You were fantastic and made our trip so special. It was so fun walking around in NYC with you. ...  Jared. Do you have ANY idea how good you are?  Fabulous, actually....Your brains ...blew both me and Robert completely away... "

                                                                 - K.S. from Massachusetts

This tour was a surprise gift for her beloved who loves John Lennon.  I had fun, too!

Here is what she said in my TripAdvisor review:

Jared's tour "Walking in the footsteps of Lennon"”

Reviewed January 20, 2013

My boyfriend and I got a tour from Jared over Christmas 2012, while we stayed in NYC.

My guy adores all things John Lennon, and Jared did a terrific job of designing a personal tour for us with the theme "Walking in the footsteps of Lennon."

Jared is an expert in all things NYC, including John Lennon.

We trecked around the City and stopped at all of Lennon's old haunts and got a thoroughly enjoyable and informative
experience that was well worth the money.

Jared was such a blast to be with. He's funny, unbelievably informed about NYC - not only John Lennon, but also an expert on the architecture and the history, with so
many amusing stories.

Thank you, Jared. You are TERRIFIC!!!

Visited December 2012

Thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to write a review, K.S.


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